Sicilian Rolls

herb-crusted lamb rolls / fresh tomato ragout / Zina's secret dip

We save no effort to ensure every ingredient is of the highest quality

Zina's concept is built on a “serve to share” model

Liver Tagine

pan-roasted chicken liver / Zina's grandma 7 spices

Magic Ravioli

home-made beef ravioli / creamy yogurt sauce / sautéed coriander

Our menu can be tailored to suit your specific requirements

Our menu includes over a dozen wines by the glass

Give away some “love at first bite”

New love affair! Brunch - Coming Soon!

All Zina’s baking is done fresh in our oven

Try our rich selection of the finest Mediterranean wines!

Amazing selection of mezza and tapas dishes. Try Hummus a la Zina's!

Famous Fatoush

green salad / tomato / cucumber / spring onions / croutons/ vinegar-voo dressing

Orange Temptation

Chocolate with Love

Zina's at its best! Try our selection of signature dishes such as Ancient Damascus

Meet out chef - Zina!

Zina’s recipes have been carefully refined to suit modern day requirements

Enjoy Zina's special cuisine and tastes Zina's also offer a selection of gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options.

Oriental Beets

finely chopped beetroot / oriental dressing/ parsley / zesty-voo dressing

Craving for something new? Try our delicious variations of an authentic flatbread

Chocolate with Love

Be My Date

home-made filo / oriental dates / halloumi cream / pistachio

Action at Zina's

Serving with Love

In our kitchen we use only high quality and fresh ingredients, just like you would in yours!

 Wide variety of long and soft drinks

All our recipes contain only fresh ingredients

Enjoy Zina's special cuisine and tastes

Check our selection of house made desserts

Orient meet the fusion of the Mediterranean

The Classic



All our dishes are freshly cooked in Zina’s kitchen

The Ancient


We have a range of delicious gluten free dishes

Serving wine, beer and Zina's cocktails


The Modern